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**Group meetings have been suspended due to the Coronavirus**

If you are a member who is suffering due to isolation, you may wish to contact Tom (the chairman of the group) on 07867 607603 to find out about any possible socialising that may be available to you that observes current governmental social distancing guidelines.

This page is continuously in the process of being updated.

Monday Drop In

We provide a supportive non judgemental environment for individuals who are experiencing, or who have experienced, mental health issues.

We organise and facilitate a range of social, sport, art activities and projects.

There is an annual cost for membership of the T.I.M. group which is £6.00 per person. If you attend on a Monday morning the first visit is FREE, but after that the cost is £3.00 per person each week to cover the cost of the refreshments and the hall hire. There may be other costs for specific activities. If there is an additional cost involved you will be informed in advance.

If you are experiencing, or have experienced, mental health issues then you are more than welcome to join the group. Membership is open to everyone aged 18 and over.

Together In Mind meet every Monday between 10am and 12pm at: The Park Barn (near New Park House and Horsham Park), Horsham, West Sussex. We also have a 10 pin bowling group that meets every Monday afternoon in Horsham Park.

Latest Together In Mind News:

Open Committee Meeting

24th February 2020

The group held our latest committee meeting to discuss it's administration. We talked about the minutes from the last meeting, finances, website, donations, and our coming sessions and events. There were a number of members interested in where we could go on group outings. We decided for the first trip to have a day out in Sussex visiting Chichester, and travelling there by train. It was suggested that we could do a day trip with the Roadmark coach company for our second trip, with St Albans as one possible option. The second trip will hopefully be settled upon over the coming weeks until our next committee meeting. The drop in sessions activities were planned and are listed on this page of the website.    

Christmas Meal

5th December 2019

Together in Mind held our annual Christmas meal at the Olive Branch pub in Horsham. There were a good number of members at the meal who all came together to enjoy the festivities. We ate 3 lovely courses of Christmas dishes, drank and pulled crackers. Several members exchanged cards amongst the group. It was great to celebrate Christmas among our network of friends old and new. The group continues to go from strength to strength and we look forward to 2020 with hope and community.


25th November 2019

The group met for a bingo session. There were many winners of the game and the first few of those winners received prizes. Some of the winners included  Allison, Chris, Poppy, Tim, Paul, Alex and Marta.

Open Committee Meeting

11th November 2019

Together in Mind held our last committee meeting of 2019. We discussed many parts of the group's administration including the minutes from the last meeting, finances, website, Christmas meal and the activities for coming drop in sessions. We have agreed to raise the entrance fee from the start of 2020 to £3. We have agreed to hold this year's Christmas meal at the Olive Branch pub in Horsham. The booking of the Christmas meal is subject to confirmation. Our initial planned date for the meal will certainly change however due to the pub not being open on Mondays. The time and date will be listed in the "up and coming events" as soon as it is booked. The meal will be partly subsidised by Together in Mind who are going to pay £15 per person towards the cost. You are advised to bring a minimum of £20 to cover the remaining cost of the food, a drink with your meal, and the required 10% service charge that will be included on our bill. If you wish to have a few drinks you will need to bring extra money with you.